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In 2017, Dana Ford, then head men’s basketball coach at Tennessee State University, championed the first Rebound Challenge Game. Students, local businesses and fans alike joined in to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and to pledge their support for The Rebound Foundation and Marda’s House. Dana, now head men’s basketball coach at Missouri State University, will proudly continue The Rebound Challenge for the Bears.

Our desire is to have The Rebound Challenge take place in schools and universities across the nation. Funds raised through the events would benefit The Rebound Foundation and the hometown teams non-profit of choice, tackling domestic violence in their local community. Contact us to get involved.

How does The Rebound Challenge work? Supporters are encouraged to pledge $1 (or more) per rebound the Bears make during their game against Illinois State on February 10th, 2019. Every donation will go directly to The Rebound Foundation to help with the annual housing expenses of Marda’s House.